Baugh & Weedon is renowned within the NDT market (particularly the Aerospace industry) for providing reliable and high quality MPI Benches (with outputs up to 10,000 Amps).

The PBU is our desktop addition to our MPI range. It requires only a 13 Amp supply for operation. It offers both AC and HWDC waveforms as standard, and uses our Current Pre-Selection System to set magnetizing levels, with a working range of 100 to 1000 Amps. The PBU also incorporates Shot Time Selection and a built-in Demagnetizing cycle.

The PBU is a compact with an integral power pack and a clamping length of up to 13.75 inches (350mm). It is designed and manufactured in the UK by an extremely experienced team and made from highest quality materials.

A selection of coils for clamping between head and tailstock are offered, including the option of a manual 90o coil rotation feature. Additional options include the provision of a FWDC waveform with associated low frequency demagnetization cycle and flux flow magnetizing via mounted coils.

Two aspects of the PBU design set it apart from the competition. These are the ability to add an inking system to the unit offering maximum flexibility to the inspector, and the use of a gas spring to provide the clamping pressure on the headstock that ensures optimum electrical contact with the component under test.

Finally, the PBU is offered at a great price, making it the perfect mix of high performance, guaranteed quality and value-for-money.


2015-09-30 16:24:06
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