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MitCorp Industrial Borescopes

Founded in 2003 Mitcorp has an ever-growing reputation in the design and development of industrial borescopes and during recent years their videoscope have been approved by Volvo, Audi, Skoda, Volkswagen, Toyota and Tata.  With a growing market share the Mitcorp product range has won awards for excellence, with individual models being recognised as leading their field for quality and performance in the field of videoscope diagnostic solutions.

MitCorp’s videoscope are used across a broad sector of applications across the Aerospace, PowerGen, Petrochemical, Automotive and Quality Management sectors.


The MX Series of videoscope embodies the intuitive touch screen technology, making operation easy, and can be operated in direct light, built to meet IP55.  The 3.9mm small tube fulfills critical and quality inspection and can be configured with a two way articulating probe or a 360 degree articulating probe.  Playback software allows the operator to adjust image quality and properties to enhance White Balance, view in a negative mode to highlight cracks and details, or view in dual mode looking at the front and side views at the same time (applicable lens required)

MX500 - 2 Way Articulation Brochure

MX500 - 360 Degree articulation Brochure

MX1000 - 2 Way Articulation Brochure

MX1000 - 360 Degree articulation Brochure

X-1000 Plus

X1000 PlusThe X1000 plus has evolved from the award winning X1000, to offer the end user superior image quality on a 7inch TFT LCD screen, using a touchscreen interface. There are 11 levels of light adjustments to adapt to different inspection conditions.  Five levels will cover the most levels of works and six advanced levels will expand exposure times to enable working in extremely dark environments.  The ability to take video footage of an inspection is simple and straightforward.  Notes can be added to imagery and features such as “negative” and simultaneous side and front views allow the inspector to gain even greater details during the inspection process.

The X-1000 Plus can be partnered with a 4.5mm two-way articulation probe or a 360 degree articulated probe.


X-1000 Plus Brochure

PRM100 Pipe Inspection Camera

1000plus-PRMThe X-1000 Plus can also be partnered with the PRM 100 Pipe inspection camera, which carries a 10mm diameter probe, which is ideal for heat exchanger inspection.  15m and 25m lengths of pipe are available to deliver inspection flexibility and with the X-1000’s light adjustment and exposure capabilities this makes a powerful solution for visual pipe inspection and recording of data and imagery. 

The X-1000’s light adjustment and exposure capabilities this makes a powerful solution for visual pipe inspection and recording of data and imagery.

PRM 100 BrochurePRM 100 Brochure