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tecnitesttanks storageTecnitest NDT

  • Advanced NDT Engineering company who works directly with customers to provide the best solution.
  • 30 years of experience in the development of turn key NDT systems in all industrial sectors.
  • Own mechanical, electronic and specialized software design experts.

The Tecnitest product range includes:

  • Ultrasonic (UT) Wall Crawlers
  • Ultrasonic (UT) Robotic 3D scanning and Immersion Tanks
  • Rail Axle Inspection Systems
  • Eddy Current (ET) Aircraft Wheel Inspection Systems
  • X-Ray Cabinets
  • X-Ray & Gamma Ray Winding Gear
  • UT Weld Inspection Systems
  • UT Nodularity Inspection Systems

CETA Ultrasonic Wall Crawler


  • Enables speeds up to 200 mm/s, measuring every 1 mm (accuracy ±0.1 mm). 
  • Uses a wheel probe transducer, 5MHz, virtually dry contact. 
  • Thickness values are shown in a two axis graphic format for easy analysis (B-Scan). 
  • Dedicated software system meets API 653, full A-scan recordings and re-gate possible. 

Download Tecnitest CETA Brochure



robot triton

  • Articulated industrial robot with programmable manipulator operating in 6 controlled axes. 
  • Robotic linear guidance system. 
  • Quick change tools allow 3 areas of movement simultaneously. 
  • PE techniques with PA, double transmission with plate reflective, TT for sandwich structures. 
  • Systems consists of an immersion tank, 6 axes Robot, programming software 
  • “VisualScan” analysis Software. delivering A, B and C-Scan results. 
  • 7 phased array probes with 128 elements; up to 896 for complex configuration. 


SITAU-TRITON 10 Brochure