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Compared to MPI, the penetrant method of inspection differs in the way that defects, cracks or pores can be proven.  The penetrant method can also be used on non-magnetizable materials. A penetrant does not only want to spread optimally on a surface, but also penetrates every defect of a surface, due to its specific characteristics. When excess penetrant is removed from the surface, the remaining penetrant in the material, remaining in the defects, can be made visible by applying a developer.

The penetrant procedure can be applied with daylight-visible fluids (colour contrast penetrant testing) or with fluorescent penetrant, visible under UV-light.

All products conform to the following specifications / are suitable for use according to: EN ISO 3452-2, ASME V Art.6, ASTM E165. Low content of sulfur and halogens according to EN ISO 3452-2.

Available as 200-L-barrel, 30-L-canister, 5-L-canister, 500-mL-spray can. 







Fluorescent Penetrant
Sensitivity class 0.5

Fluorescent Penetrant
Sensitivity class 1

Fluorescent Penetrant
Sensitivity class 2

PFINDER 900 -  Benefits

Readily biodegradable.

Water rinsing waste can be drained directly into sewage system without pre-treatment (post authority approval)

Free of aromatics and hydrcarbons.

Low viscosity, reduced consumption. 

Easy rinsability.

Low residual background.

Bright, sharp indications, high contrast.


Dry powder developer 

PFINDER 945 is a dry powder developer for fluorescent penetrant testing. PFINDER 945 can be applied to the surface via a dust storm cabinet, electrostatic equipment, etc.


Wet developer concentrate, suspendible in water.

PFINDER 930 is a water suspendable developer concentrate for penetrant testing. PFINDER 930 is specifically used for application by immersion. An even and fine application is achieved with immersion in an agitated suspension (ensure a sufficient circulation).

The temperature of the developer suspension should be between 60 and 70°C.


Wet developer concentrate, water soluble.

PFINDER 940 is a water soluble developer concentrate for penetrant testing. PFINDER 940 is particulary used for applications by immersion. An even and fine application is achieved by immersion in the solution.

The temperature of the developer solution should be between 60 and 70°C. The immersion time depends on the test material and should be kept as short as possible. The developer has to be dried by volatilisation and/or by a forced-air oven.