Introduction - Lumazon Inspection Lamps

lamplampThe Lumazon and Lumazon SL are dual LED UV and White Light Inspection Lamps for Magnetic Particle and Dye Penetrant Inspection.

LED technology offers improved output, extended operating lifetime, greater efficiency due to instantaneous operation (no warm-up time) and financial savings from not requiring expensive replacement bulbs.

Two switches and a trigger are included on the Lumazon. The trigger acts as the on / off switch and adjacent to this is a ‘hold’ switch to maintain UV or White Light output in a constant manner. The other switch on the rear selects UV or White Light output. 

With the exception of the trigger functionality, the Lumzon SL offers the same great features as the Lumazon hand-held inspection lamp.

Designed to be mounted to a bench, the Lumazon SL is fitted with an articulated arm, which allows the operator to freely position the lamp where it is needed.

Offering instant output of more than 4500 μW/cm2 (micro watts per square centimetre), the Lumazon SL is an ideal alternative to existing static lamps on MPI 
benches or in inspection viewing booths. 



Spectral Emission Plot. 

+ LED Operation, with long operating life. (No warm-up time, and no costly replacement bulbs)
+ Light weight and compact.
+ Switch between ultraviolet and white light.
+ Meets UV and white light inspection criteria for NDT applications.
+ High UV output
+ Low power consumption
+ Warning light to highlight to operator that there is a potential drop in output as battery output reduces. (Lumazon only)

Please note: Specification subject to change without notice. 


Download Lumazon Lamp Inspection Lamp Brochure