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CG2 Series gauges have a materials condition analyser and a BScan to generate real time graphic representations at speeds of up to 20Hz to inspect structures that may have defects such as corrosion or pitting.

They are ideal for measuring offshore structures, pipes, tanks, valves, pressure vessels, boilers, ship hulls, or any other material that is subject to corrosion and wear; even with coatings such as paint. They can also be used to measure the thickness of plastics. 





+ Measures Thru-Paint (no need to scrape)
+ Attenuation level indicator
+ Material condition analyser
+ Adjustable gain and trigger
+ High scan speeds of up to 20Hz
+ One point AUTO calibration (no Cal-key). Can also do a two point calbration.
+ On-screen materials velocity chart
+ Real time B-Scan graphics
+ Memory for 32000 + values
+ Connect to PC via USB or RS232 (optional)
+ High impact ABS enclosure with rubber sides
Touch-Sense front panel
+ Graphic LCD 128 x 64

Parts or Metal Structures with Coatings 

Metallurgy and Auto Industries. 

Maintenance in Refineries and Petrochemical Plants. 

Ships and Transportation Industries. 

Plastic Industry, Injection, Extrusion, Moulding.

Corrosion & Wall Thickness.

Universal program (Data Center) for downloading and analysing data supports all CG2 Series instruments allowing data stored in the instrument memory to be transferred to a PC via USB. With the tools in DataCenter you can download unit updates, analyse statistics, generate graphics, save and export values, and prepare custom reports. 

Download the CG2 Series Brochure